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TLKThe Lion King
TLKTanie Linie Kolejowe (Polish: Cheap Rail Lines)
TLKTraditional Local Knowlage
TLKTibetan Language Kit (software)
TLKTechnology Licensing Kit (Rococo Software)
TLKTotal Left Knee (replacement surgery)
TLKThomas Liard Kennedy (Secondary School, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
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Table 7: Memory Usage Comparison Input Dataset DWPCM with Map reduce (%) WPCM (%) CAR 97.05 92 HYD 97.25 92.35 TLK 97.62 95.21 Table 8: Selectivity Comparison Number of Data Chunks DWPCM with Cluster++ WPCM with Cluster + 200 240 540 400 354 621 600 546 723 800 654 850 Table 9: Scalability Comparison Number of DWPCM with Cluster++ (ms) WPCM with Cluster + (ms) Data Chunks 200 694 700 400 725 812 600 810 915 800 902 1025
Telkom's shares are listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX: TLKM) and its American Depositary Shares are listed in New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: TLK).
17 different nationalities make up TLK Touring company.
(16.) Mullins TLK, Wilson C, Rudy BJ, Sucharew H, Kahn JA.
Manuel Lukban, Makati police chief, During investigation, the police learned that Aquino had stolen the Ryan Patrick taxi cab (TLK 506) he was driving.
Sistema also carries out operation of TLK, oil and oil products transportation company.
IT Control Recommendations for Small and Mid-size Companies, TLK ENTERPRISE 1-3 (2006), available at
After that we use a threshold Tlk to segment optical flow field to get LK foreground mask flk(x; y; t), our test results show the range of Tlk is [0.05, 0.20], choosing smaller Tlk will produce larger foreground area including background noises, while choosing bigger threshold may lose some foreground area.
n stil hv da nrve to tlk bout 'harm's way," responded Abdulqahar Balkhi, one of the Taliban's Twitter warriors, who uses the handle @ABalkhi.
At Int FRANCHISING Assoc--spkr says we are not here to tlk about govt shutdown.