TLMATom Lee Music Academy (Canada)
TLMATechnology Lifecycle Management Assessment (various companies)
TLMATransportation and Land Management Agency (Riverside County, CA)
TLMATexas Longhorn Marketing Alliance (Lampasas, TX)
TLMATelematic Agent
TLMATop-Loaded Monopole Antenna
TLMAT-Lymphocyte-Macrophage-Associated Antigen
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The patient inclusion criteria were: 1) age [?] 14 years old; and 2) use of general anesthesia and TLMA or SLMA ventilation management.
Patients in group T and in group S were inserted with a TLMA or SLMA, respectively.
The first-attempt success rate for inserting the TLMA was 90.5% (38/42) of patients, compared to 88.9% (16/18) for the SLMA.
The TLMA has a three-way function: one end comprises the laryngeal mask body, a second end is covered by a sealing cap in which flexible fiberoptic bronchoscopes and other endoscopes can be inserted, and the third end is a 15-mm standard interface port that connects to an anesthesia machine or ventilator.
The present results show that TLMA is eminently capable of solving the problem of airway management during airway surgeries, and it is unique in airway management during the surgery of pulmonary disorders.
We believe that the TLMA was a better and more effective airway device for ventilation in children with pulmonary disorders undergoing general anesthesia compared with the SLMA.