TLMPTongass Land Management Plan (Alaska)
TLMPThrough-Life Management Plan
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The TLMP can supply from one to 18 points on a controlled and timely basis in order to deliver the proper lubrication amount at the required frequency to optimize bearing performance and equipment reliability.
harvests as set forth in the TLMP. (173) Hence the stakes of the rule
One of the first consultants to join The Landings at HarborSide team, TLMP created the master plan for the entire redevelopment and is actively involved in the design of the first two residential buildings now under construction as part of Phase I.
According to Jack Phelps, executive director of the Alaska Forest Association, the revised TLMP outlines 676,000 acres of land available for harvest, down substantially from the approximate 2 million acres once available for eventual harvest.
Similar in process to its sister TLMP, the Chugach plan, however, will include study of variables unique to its own situation.
Judge Stanley Sporkin of the District of Columbia district court held that in both listing determinations, the Service misapplied the five listing criteria by violating the clear language of the ESA.(293) The ESA allows consideration of "existing regulatory mechanisms" in making a listing determination,(294) but the Service ignored the plain language of the statute and instead relied upon possible future proposed revisions and implementation methods of the TLMP that might benefit the two species.(295) Once again, it appears as if the Service was influenced by local and regional political pressures not to list these two species, largely because of the impact that the listing would have on the timber industry in Alaska.
Congress adopted the Tongass National Forest Land Management Plan in 1979(39) and amended it in 1986.(40) The 1979 TLMP provided for an annual harvest of 450 million board feet (MMbf) of timber per year.(41) Congress signed ANILCA into law the following year.(42) Section 705 included a specific prescription directing the Secretary of Agriculture to provide a timber supply from the Tongass of 450 billion board feet of timber per decade.(43) The Tongass Timber Reform Act (TTRA) amended ANILCA by repealing the mandate of section 705 and replacing it with a directive that the Forest Service "seek...
As for the 420 million board feet figure, Lidholm says it was the amount suggested in the Tongass Land Management Plan (TLMP) developed by the Forest Service in 1979.
In 1979, the Forest Service issued the first TLMP as required by NFMA, accompanied by a ten-year programmatic EIS for use of the entire Tongass Forest.(22) The TLMP dedicated approximately seven million acres to a management regime that permitted logging, and found that, even under NFMA's economic and environmental requirements, the long-term contracts for harvesting billions of board feet of timber each decade could be met.(23)