TLMVTTV- Like Mini Virus
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The mean and median values of LTDBV, LTDMV, TLBV, and TLMV are all significantly greater for SOEs than are those for EPFs.
The corresponding values are again substantially lower for TLMV for both subsamples.
The ratios LTDMV and TLMV increase initially but then fall back close to their original values.
Two samples showed similarity with a human Torque Teno Mini Virus (TLMV).
Our results showed that one sequence clustered with a human TLMV (Torque Teno Mini Virus) sequence.
Furthemore, TTV and TLMV DNA sequences have been found in non-human primates and farm animals (Verschoor et al., 1999; Abe et al., 2000; Leary et al., 1999; Okamoto et al., 2000 a, b; Romeo et al., 2000).