TLOBTransmission Line of Business (British Columbia Hydro)
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(1) Subsequent citations from The Language of Baklava will figure as TLOB placed between parentheses.
82 sub Marduk-muballit: The references 43 (6) and table 3 (As 15) refer to the same text: TLOB 43.
87 sub Sumum-libsi dub.sar: Neither of the texts referred to (TLOB 75 and 80) has the title (as far as the copies go), and the kisib (not copied) on TLOB 80 does not give it either.
88 sub Warad-Marduk: He is eren Kassu in TLOB 44 1.
although in this publication the seals of thirty-seven of his tablets are given, sometimes with different readings of the legends, but often citing more seals than given in TLOB. On the other hand, his publication allows the correction of some of the dates given by Colbow.
39: The second line of the seal of Warad-Ulmassitum on TLOB 58a would be, which is improbable, since this title never appears on a seal legend (up to now?); furthermore, he is ugula fmunus] in the text, which might even simply be rus[bar] (with US broken and misread as PA?), as seems to be warranted by an of that name in a text of the same year (TCL I, 160 [As 4/10/17]).
43: On TLOB 64a the sealings are somewhat different than stated here.
44: The seal legend on TLOB 65a does not make sense as transcribed.
59: The seal of Arrabu on TLOB 85 is said to have a second line with the title; again this must be a mistake for dumu followed by the father's name.
63: The seal of Warad-Egipar on TLOB 87 is not mentioned on p.
67 In TLOB 92 the reference to a "sealing B" is rather cryptic since no sealing A is given and nothing is indicated on the copy.
75: It is not the seal of Belsunu son of Habil-kinu as indicated (4, Slg C), but his father's that is used on this tablet (TLOB 88).