TLOGThe League of Gentlemen (UK TV show)
TLOGTheater Logistics
TLOGTransaction Log
TLOGTransportation and Logistics
TLOGTemperature Logger
TLOGTravel Log
TLOGTraining Log (health & fitness)
TLOGThe League of Gentlemen (UK fantasy football league)
TLOGTechnical Log (oil industry)
TLOGThe Last Of Gracie (Lima, OH band)
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For its intended purpose of producing quality logistics professionals, TLog was a resounding success.
The Army Logistics Management College at Fort Lee, Virginia, offers TLog to logistics officers in the ranks of O-3 and above who have at least 7 years of service and civilians in the grades of GS-13 and above with at least 5 years of logistics experience.
To meet the changing needs of defense logistics, TLog will transition in the fall of 2016 to the Strategic Enterprise Logistics Course (SELC).
By 1978, there were approximately 40 TLOG degree programs offered in the United States (Gilmour 1978).
Courses such as the Theater Logistics Planners Program (TLog at the Army Logistics University, the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) at the Army Command and General Staff College, the Major General James Wright Master of Business Administration Fellowship Program at the College of William and Mary Mason School of Business, and the Defense Comptrollership Program (DCP) at Syracuse University as well as a multitude of fellowship and training with industry opportunities are good examples.
To further ensure that we have especially competent and highly trained logistics planners in our operational-level sustainment headquarters, the Army Logistics Management College (ALMC) developed the Theater Logistics Studies Program (TLog) to replace the long-running Logistics Executive Development Course.
But the students attending the Theater Logistics Planners Program (TLog) at the Army Logistics University at Fort Lee, Virginia, understand because they are immersed in planning and preparation every day.
Graduate credit hours from ALMC's Theater Logistics Studies Program (TLog)--formerly called the Logistics Executive Development Course (LEDC)--or the Army Command and General Staff College's Intermediate Level Education (ILE) Program may be grant-, ed at some of the NLC universities.
To ensure that officers are correctly assigned after completing the Warrior Logistics Scholars Seminar, a special skill identifier similar to the identifier given to graduates of the Theater Logistics Planners (TLOG) program should be awarded to the officers who complete the seminar.
We've developed a new course, the Theater Logistics Studies Program (TLog), to replace the long-established Logistics Executive Development Course (LEDC) with which many of you are familiar.
The revised course, the Theater Logistics Studies Program (TLOG), will be conducted in small-group seminars similar to those used by CGSC's School of Advanced Military Studies.