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TLOSThe Land of Stories (Chris Colfer book)
TLOSThe Love of Siam (film)
TLOSThe Legend of Spyro (gaming)
TLOSTarget Location and Observation System
TLOSTailored List of Spares (USAF)
TLOSTarget Level of Safety
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With respect to "settlement" or "institutionalization" of TLOs, Halliday and Shaffer (2015) indicate that, once a process of recursive cycles of actor collaboration and/or confrontation at different levels (transnational, national and subnational) is under way, it may lead to the formation of a TLO, which may at some point in time become a more stable institution.
As one of the six principal cities of Lycia (and one of the most powerful), Tlos once bore title under the Roman Empire of "the brilliant metropolis of the Lycian nation".
The number of annual domestic patent applications by universities and approved TLOs has increased substantially, from 641 in 2001 to 8,527 in 2005.
One of the most important reforms was the introduction in 1998 of Technology Licensing Offices (TLOs), which obtain patents for university researchers and licence them to private companies.
Below are the proposed TLOs and ELOs to support this concept:
Shane and Somaya thus ask: "What effects does patent litigation have on university efforts to license technology?" They conduct interviews with directors of technology licensing offices (TLOs) at 13 Carnegie I research universities and empirically analyze licensing data for 116 Carnegie I research universities from 1991 through 2000.
* University TLOs are becoming increasingly important, and pharmaceutical firms should maintain close contact with those at their target universities.
In particular, technology transfer from universities and research institutes has been encouraged by three laws relating to Technology Licensing Organisations (TLOs), which are intermediary organizations for the smooth transfer of research results created by universities and public research institutes: (1) the Law to Promote Technology Transfer from Universities to Industry (1998); (2) the Law on Special Measures for Industrial Revitalisation (1999); and, (3) the Law to Increase Industrial Technology (2000).
This is supported by an increasing number of universities setting up technology licensing organizations (TLOs).
En cuanto al nombre de Tlon, puede ser una deformacion de Tlos, una
There are currently 29 technology licensing offices, or TLOs, recognized by the government, serving both public and private universities around the country.