TLPITransgender Law and Policy Institute
TLPITemporary Local Planning Instrument (Australia)
TLPITrauma and Learning Policy Initiative (Massachusetts Advocates for Children)
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This TLPI supports appropriate development along the Bundaberg coast.
The TLPI provides greater transparency for building heights at Bargara and limits the impact of artificial light on the endangered turtle population in the rest of the region.
TLPI does do advocacy work at the federal level, but it focuses mainly on assisting tribes to develop infrastructures to address sexual assault.
And according to TLPI's Green, "People whose gender expression is outside the 'norm', or who are undergoing a transition, should have every right to share housing with people who are not going to ridicule or attack them.
"Then there are universities that tack on the language to their policy but don't do much else," says Shannon Minter, TLPI board member and attorney.
The Planning Minister also has the power to introduce a TLPI. By making a Ministerial TLPI under the Planning Act, protections for the surrounding residents can be introduced urgently.
Council have been working with my department as they consider potential changes to their planning scheme to address this issue, and I believe that this TLPI is consistent with their intentions, he said.
This partnership between Council and the State Government in extending the TLPI is great news for our turtles, Mr Dempsey said.
Ipswich City Council prepared the TLPI in extremely short time and the State Government fast-tracked the assessment and approval to give the workers a sense of security as quickly as possible.
Implementing the TLPI will allow residents to repair their flood-affected homes faster and without the need to go through all the usual planning requirements.
The TLPI suspends aspects of Bundaberg Regional Council s current planning schemes addressed by the TLPI and offers a short to medium-term response to development and land use planning issues that have arisen since the flood.
Both TLPIs complement actions already being undertaken by the Environment Minister with the newly formed Waste Management Stakeholder Advisory Group and Odour Abatement Taskforce.