TLPSTransient Liquid Phase Sintering (adhesive)
TLPSThunderbolt Life-Cycle Program Support (defense contract program)
TLPSThunderbird Lodge Preservation Society (Nevada)
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Although a few experienced observers did make the transition to the sort of work that was more appropriate in the post-Apollo era, (41) much of the observational activity of the BAA Lunar Section continued to take the form of lunar sketching with no real scientific focus, or the reporting of increasing numbers of suspected TLPs. Even the more focused cartographical work of those such as Harold Hill (Figure 14), who continued to chart the south polar areas that had been inadequately covered by Orbiter imagery, came to seem increasingly like a Canute-like attempt to hold back the tide, for it was to be only a matter of time before those unknown areas (luna incognita again!) were also revealed in detail by later spacecraft.
The PSG has little involvement in platoon TLPs; they are left to the PL to execute upon completion of the task force MDMP or pushed down to the squad leaders for decentralized execution.
The TLP is going to field Rai Mansab Kharal for NA-148.
A total of 73 floating production units are on order, with the backlog consisting of 44 FPSOs, seven production semisubmersibles, four TLPs, four spars, four FLNG units, and 10 floating storage and regasification units.
North reports that one person has made hundreds of observations of a suspected TLP site.
Some major fixed platforms and TLPs have been severely damaged by the storms.
A trend that has become prevalent at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC) among rotational engineer units is the lack of thorough TLPs. This has resulted in vague tasks and purposes for squad leaders and poor allocation of troops to engineer tasks.
The outcomes of the Maneuver Captains Career Course (MCCC) state that graduates will master troop leading procedures (TLPs), utilize critical thinking to understand and apply mission command, and be precise and lethal in the synchronization of combined arms maneuver.
According to the company, it provides offshore interconnect pipe hook-up, inshore marine construction, manufacture and repair of pressure vessels, heavy lifts, ship integration and TLP module integration, loading and offloading of jack-up drilling rigs, semi-submersible drilling rigs, TLPs, SPARs, or other similar cargo.
Following troop leading procedures (TLPs) ensures that mission planning, execution, tracking, and assessment are executed throughout the phased operations.