TLRITeaching and Learning Research Initiative (New Zealand)
TLRITotal Learning Research Institute (Virginia)
TLRITaiwan Livestock Research Institute
TLRITasmanian Law Reform Institute (University of Tasmania; Tasmania, Australia)
TLRIToxics Loading and Release Inventory (Chesapeake Bay Basin)
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Our work on retention and outcomes was based on findings from two research projects: A Ministry of Education funded best evidence synthesis on student outcomes (Prebble et al., 2004), and a TLRI funded project on ways to improve student outcomes in their first year of tertiary study (Zepke, Leach, Prebble et al., 2005).
The TLRI produced an issues paper entitled Non-Therapeutic Male Circumcision in 2009 seeking public views on the merits of the current legal framework.
The Literacy Leaders gave us their milestone reports which the funding body (TLRI) required twice each year during the two years of the project.
(164) Australia-wide, the TLRI has listed 66 appeal cases heard between 1994-2004 in which there has been a successful appeal on the ground of failure to give an adequate Longman warning.
Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) projects are based on a partnership between researchers and teachers within education settings.
Since 2003, the Ministry of Education has supported research into early childhood education through two major funding sources: the Centres of Innovation (COI) program and the Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI).