TLRNTransport for London Road Network
TLRNTime Lagged Recurrent Network
TLRNTechnical Logistics Reference Network
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Out of the 28 supervised ANNs, the ten ANNs (three RN, three MLPPCA, two LR and two TLRN models) fell behind the best-fit MNLR regression in terms of the predictive power based on the three datasets for better predictions for tool flank wear.
For reasons of efficiency and practicality much of that data is collected from a network of automatic counters, including traffic, pedestrian and cycle, on both the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN) and borough roads across London.
TfL is responsible for enforcing traffic regulations, including vehicle movements, parking, loading, and bus lane restrictions, to help reduce delays and improve journey times, reliability, safety and the environment for all road users on the Transport for London Road Network (TLRN).
Lot 1: SCRIM Survey Transport for London Road Network ( TLRN~), Principal Classified Network, ( A-Roads~) and Non-Principal Classified ( BC-Roads~); including: for A,B&C Roads only; excluding TLRN , processing of the SCRIM data combined with accident and traffic flow data to provide a prioritised Skid Deficiency Listing of Sites for Site Investigation, and for the site investigation work itself