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Entwistle, 'Promoting deep learning through teaching and assessment; conceptual frameworks and educational contexts', Paper presented at the TLRP Conference, Leicester, November 2000
However, the work of researchers, from the UK's Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP), examining work-related learning from a number of perspectives, would suggest that the way to move towards a more knowledge-based society is for as many people as possible, whatever their supposed highest overall "level" of skills is, to believe that they should develop their skills, knowledge and competence in a number of ways unrelated to their current highest "level".
Grasping the TLRP nettle: Preliminary analysis and some enduring issues surrounding the improvement of learning outcomes.
The first, Learning to Perform: Instrumentalists and Instrumental Teachers (, is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of its Teaching and Learning Research Programme (TLRP).
The programme will fund a number of research projects to extend or follow up, within a Welsh context, research supported by the TLRP.
Bedfordshire LEA has established a pupil voice support service, led by the former deputy head of a school which the TLRP researchers have worked closely with.