TLSEToulouse (France)
TLSEThe Liberal Synagogue Elstree (UK)
TLSETheater Logistic Support Element
TLSETransformed Least Squares Estimate
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The one-hour observation at user test stations redu and tlse is divided into 2 30-minute sessions at each station.
With estimated IFCBs, EWL FCBs, and WL FCBs, the triple-frequency PPP AR can be implemented at the test user stations redu and tlse. The cut-off angle is set as 15[degrees] and an elevation-dependent weighted strategy was applied to measurements to reduce the impact of poor quality of measurements in low elevation.
Figures 7 and 8 are the positioning errors in horizontal and vertical directions for the 10 sessions at redu and tlse, respectively.
Caption: Figure 8: Positioning results of 10 6-minute sessions at tlse.
When the degree of TLSE is increased to 7, the TLSE gives promising results.
According to the results, VRP is better than TLSE. However, the ANFIS is the best.
In Table 4, the TLSE and VRP polynomials with 21 terms were not presented due to its size.
The structure and content of the Project ACCEPT section of TLSE 456 (the course designator) was, in effect, being field-tested during the initial year of the project.