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TLSOThoracic Lumbosacral Orthosis
TLSOThoracic Lumbar Sacral Orthotic
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The most common treatment procedure for spinal FDIs is surgical reduction and rigid instrumented fixation, and postoperative TLSO is usually unnecessary.
If the child is ambulatory, one must consider how the TLSO and WREX will affect gait and balance.
reported satisfactory results from conservative treatment of patients with intact posterior elements and dorsolumbar burst fractures, with early ambulation in a thoracolumbosacral orthosis (TLSO).
MSY geciren cocukta torakolumbosakral (TLSO) govde ortezleri daha cok ayakta pozisyonlama cihaziyla birlikte kullanilmaktadir.
And many have gone through innumerable orthotic devices and implantable devices--such as spinal cord stimulators or a morphine pump; they've had hardware for spinal fusion, artificial discs, and then they've worn the TLSO braces.
The neurosurgeon prescribed a thoracic-lumbar-sacral orthosis (TLSO) and ordered additional imaging studies to evaluate spinal stability with the brace.
The new Knight Taylor type TLSO by Restorative Care of America, Inc., maintains the lower spine in a neutral position while stabilizing the thoracic spine for the treatment of kyphotic conditions.