TLSSTeaching and Learning Support Services (various universities)
TLSSTactical Life Support System
TLSSThe Larry Sanders Show (TV show)
TLSSTemporary Limb Salvage Shunt (Vascutek, Ltd.)
TLSSThrough Life Support Standard (UK Ministry of Defense)
TLSSTulane Life Support Society (Tulane University; New Orleans, LA)
TLSSTransit Load Securement Systems (UK)
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Using SPSS version 22.0, the 30 items of the TLSS were subjected to principal components analysis with varimax rotation.
Taking into account my sample size of 260 and the number of observed variables (i.e., 29), the CFA results suggest that the TLSS measurement model provided a reasonably good fit.
To assess the construct validity of the TLSS, I examined convergent validity (see Table 3).
The TLSS was developed primarily as a research tool, and my results suggest that it has major potential for use in research conducted in educational settings.
The TLSS demonstrated high internal consistency (> .80) and a robust three-dimensional factor solution.
In summary, my development of the TLSS based on the CIP model seems to support Bedell-Avers and colleagues' (2008, 2009) theory about outstanding leadership (see also Ligon et al., 2008).
Future researchers could recruit participants from different age and ethnic groups for further validation of the TLSS. Finally, I used a relatively short timeframe in which to examine perceptions of teacher leadership styles.
In order to better understand the distribution of the TLSs in isotropic and anisotropic materials, we calculate the distribution of the elements of [T] for an isotropic distribution of unit vectors [??].
The average scattering rate of a phonon by the ensemble of TLSs is obtained by averaging [[GAMMA].sub.k[sigma]] ([??]) over [member of], [LAMBDA], and [??].
The anisotropies of the glassy properties of a disordered system are determined by the properties of the tensor [gamma].In our model, the "orientations" of the TLSs are defined by the unit vectors [??] and the symmetries of the host material are incorporated into the coupling constant tensor, [R].
In order to better understand the characteristics of "isotropic" and "anisotropic" distributions of TLSs, we calculated the probability distributions of the elements of the tensor T--which describes the
TLS--under the assumption that the directions of the ensemble of TLSs, defined by the unit vectors t, are isotropically oriented.