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TLUTexas Lutheran University (Seguin, Texas)
TLUThe Last Unicorn
TLUTape Library Unit
TLUTable Look up
TLUTrigger Logic Unit
TLUTraditional Land Use
TLUTable Lookup
TLUThreshold Logic Unit
TLUTransient Latch-Up
TLUTropical Livestock Unit
TLUTransitional Living Unit
TLUThang Long University (Vietnam)
TLUTerminal Logic Units
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She came from a poor household (one TLU per capita) and her lifestyle was more akin to the women of Kisima.
(MT, 19.) TLU Ajaloo Instituut, TU ajaloo ja arheoloogia instituut, Tartu, 387-426.
(22.) For more details on the category TLU, see "Total Livestock Population (TLU) (2005)," HarvestChoice, August 2011, accessed February 8, 2018,
The TLU professor pointed out that a little-discussed primary issue speaking against the move is officials not wanting to relocate to Narva, although in defense of the academy's teaching and administrative staff, he admitted that moving to Narva was no walk in the park.
Besides, a new activation function called truncated linear unit (TLU) is adopted in the CNN model and it incorporates the selection channel inside the network architecture.
Na priliku, Britansko i inozemno biblijsko drustvo, na juznoslavenskome tlu utkano ponajvecma po Karadzicevu i Danicicevu prijevodu Biblije, te njegovim hrvatskim >>inacicama<< (Sulekovoj i Resetarovoj), sluzilo se jednakom argumentacijom.
Table 2: Socio-economic variables' descriptive statistics Full sample Adopters (n=330) (n-65) Mean SD Mean SD Family size 7.0 2.6 6.9 2.4 Age of HoH-years 51.4 13.3 51.2 13.3 Distance source--km 37.1 9.17 38.3 9.8 Period planted bananas--years 23.0 13.85 17.5 14.3 Period planted TCB-years 6.5 5.2 Period in farming-years 20.9 13.3 20.3 14 Livestock ownership (TLU) 6.1 12.2 7.5 16 Farm size in ha 8.8 55.3 10.7 65.5 Arable area in ha.
While another speedy trailer bearing number TLU.991 due to speed rushed over a child named Talha resident of Nasrut Kheel.