TM5transmembrane domain 5
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Caption: Eyetech Digital Systems offers the TM5 Mini and VT3 Mini eye-tracking hardware for smaller devices and the VT3 XL (not pictured), which allows long-distance tracking of devices up to 10 feet away.
2015), our results (Figure 2E, F) also showed that the ligand binding pocket is located in a deep cleft formed by residues from TM2, TM3, TM5, TM6, and TM7.
Moreover, inhibitor binding appeared to strain TM4 leading to a movement of the ATPase domains via the coupling cytoplasmic helix between TM4 and TM5 [105].
The crystal structure of ZIPB revealed a novel 3 + 2 + 3-TM architecture; the first 3 TMs (TM1 to TM3) can be superimposed on the last three TMs (TM6-8) by rotating 180[degrees], and TM4 and TM5 are symmetrically related and sandwiched by the two 3-TM repeats.
Comparison of MODIS and landsat TM5 images for mapping tempo-spatial dynamics of Secchi disk depths in Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve, China.
La informacion de cada uno de los conjuntos de datos de la Serie V de Uso del Suelo y Vegetacion, se obtuvo a partir de la interpretacion visual de imagenes LandSat TM5 del ano 2011 (epoca seca) multiespectrales y respaldada con los respectivos trabajos de verificacion de campo.
Thus, it will be possible to address in detail the effects of changes in land surface forcing over diverse geographical regions, as was recently performed by [42] for Europe using Transport Model 5 (TM5).
In melan-a (a murine melanocyte cell line) and Tm5 (a murine melanoma cell line derived from melan-a), GC7 was used to inhibit eIF5A [175].
Para las clasificaciones se utilizaron todas las bandas reflectivas de los satelites Landsat; para el ano 1974:MSS4, MSS5, MSS6 y MSS7; para los anos 1988 y 2011: TM1, TM2, TM3, TM4, TM5 y TM7; para el ano 2000: [ETM.sup.+]1, [ETM.sup.+]2, [ETM.sup.+]3, [ETM.sup.+]4, [ETM.sup.+]5 y [ETM.sup.+]7.
-- in one powerful, compact machine, is now available in a new model, the TM5. The award-winning design is now enhanced by the inclusion of an interactive touchscreen display, which offers a guided cooking function with on-screen recipe instructions.
Posteriormente, se realizo una clasificacion supervisada de maxima verosimilitud, utilizando las bandas TM3, TM4 y TM5; con antelacion se elaboraron los sitios de entrenamiento para cada grado de enmalezamiento.