TMAATexas Music Adjudicators Association
TMAATriangle Martial Arts Association (San Francisco, CA)
TMAATexas Medical Association Alliance (Austin, TX)
TMAATransfusion Medicine Academic Award (group)
TMAATofield Miniature Aircraft Association (Canada)
TMAATraditional Martial Arts Association (Vincennes, IN)
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The presented article proposes TMAA of printed dipoles for beam steering without using phase shifters.
The design specifications of proposed TMAA are described in Section 4.
Last year, Team TMAA raised over $6,000 for The Union Beach Disaster Relief Fund.
In the summer of 2013, Team TMAA's Board was formed with John Arena as President, Rique DeSousa as Communications Manager, Ellen Katcher as Secretary, Erin Matsko as Community Relationship Developer, and Elizabeth Patterson as Treasurer.
La figura 1a muestra el comportamiento de las TMEA; y la figura 1b, la TMAA y de la TMAM, se puede observar el aumento gradual de la temperatura ambiental que se refleja en una pendiente positiva para todas las graficas, siendo la del TMAM la que tiene el valor de la pendiente mas alta.
Las graficas de temperatura por region (figura 2) muestran patrones diferentes: la NT mantiene el mismo patron de fluctuaciones, sin presentarse un aumento evidente de la TMAA; mientras que para la region NA, se observan marcadas fluctuaciones de temperatura y el incremento en el patron de temperatura a partir de 1995; y mayor a partir de 2005, que se hacen mas evidentes con el analisis de pendientes.
Aiming at improving the gain of TMAAs and suppressing the sideband levels (SBL), various stochastic optimization algorithms have been used, such as the particle swarm optimization (PSO), genetic algorithm (GA), simulated annealing, differential evolution algorithm, and artificial bee colony algorithm [10-13].
According to Arena, members of Team TMAA are inspirational for many reasons and he especially admires the moms that work full time, managed their homes, and make the time to exercise.
Team TMAA will continue its fundraising efforts, stated Arena, by participating in fitness related events that meet criteria established by Team TMAA's board members.
And Arena said they are still accepting individuals to join Team TMAA. Each member of Team TMAA is committed to raise $100.
He stated : They concealed reports on gold sales, hence illegally exporting a total of 63.27 kilograms of gold, worth Sh2,763,426,787 in the period of four years from 2006 to 2010, and the false report was discovered by the TMAA after the latter compared audit and evaluation reports it received from the company and those submitted to the government.
Tanzania Mining Audit Agency (TMAA) has said that soaring global gold prices have helped gold miners in the country to break even and start paying corporate tax.