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TMACThe Medical Affairs Company (Kennesaw, GA)
TMACTracy McGrady (basketball player)
TMACTexas Manufacturing Assistance Center
TMACTobymac (christian singer)
TMACTetramethylammonium Chloride
TMACTreasury Management Association of Canada
TMACTechnology, Management, & Analysis Corporation
TMACTactical Mutual Aid Communications (software)
TMACTRICARE Maximum Allowable Charge
TMACThe Mortgage Alliance Company (various locations)
TMACTransit Management and Communication (Canada)
TMACTelecommunication Monitor and Control (UK)
TMACTechnical Mapping Advisory Council
TMACTelecommunications, Multimedia and Applied Computing (CSU Monterey Bay)
TMACToxic Materials Advisory Committee
TMACTransportation Management Advisory Committee
TMACTRADOC Manpower Accounting System
TMACTri-State Martial Arts Center
TMACTreasury Multiuser Acquisitions Contract
TMACTexas Metroplex Assistance Center
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TMAC Resources Inc continues to optimise the established operations and expects Hope Bay to produce more than 160,000 ounces of gold in 2019.
The company, whose main technology is a engineered alternative to antibodies, said it is now in a position to test the TMAC linker in humans "well ahead of its original plans".
This coefficient is often expressed in terms of [[sigma].sub.v] TMAC which characterizes the tangential momentum transport between the gas and wall (see, e.g., [25]):
TMAC can monitor multiple tool paths simultaneously.
Congress responded to this need when it formed a Technical Mapping Advisory Council (TMAC) in 2012 to assess concerns about the current flood mapping program's credibility and to present its findings to FEMA.
where [[sigma].sub.u] is tangential momentum accommodation coefficient (TMAC), [[tau].sub.i] is the tangential momentum of the incident gas molecules, and [[tau].sub.r] is the tangential momentum of the reflected gas molecules.
To check the size-selective transport of molecules across intrinsic defects of the graphene single-layer membranes, other solutions with molecules bigger than KCl (tetramethylammonium chloride (TMAC, [d.sub.TMAC] ~ [d.sub.KCl]), Allura red dye ([d.sub.AR] ~ 1.0 nm), and tetramethylrhodamine dextran (TMRD, [d.sub.TMRD] ~ 12 nm) were also tested, and the corresponding flux across the membranes was evaluated as well.
The executive chairman of TMAC Resources was happy to share his story and thoughts on how he became a major player in the global mining industry at Laurentian University's Goodman Lecture Series in Sudbury on Nov.
On the evening of March 15, 2012, as news broke that three soldiers had been shot down in broad daylight and that the unknown killer with a helmet on his head had been spotted fleeing the scene on a TMAC scooter, Anne Chenevat immediately called her former husband, Abdelghani Merah.
Energia 2011 2012 2015 2020 Hidraulica 970 990 1,119 1,271 Eolica 238 283 358 535 Solar Fotovoltaica 70 100 57 110 Biomasa 72 83 75 98 Solar de Alta Concentracion 2 3 10 17 Geotermica 11 12 16 21 Mareomotriz 0 1 0 1 Total Global ER 1,363 1,471 1,635 2,053 Total Global de capacidad para la 5,360 5,640 5,952 6,581 generacion de electricidad Energia 2025 2030 2035 TMAC 2012-2035 Hidraulica 1,410 1,520 1,602 61.8% Eolica 703 862 1,035 27.38% Solar Fotovoltaica 197 294 406 24.6 Biomasa 134 184 244 34.0 Solar de Alta Concentracion 30 52 91 2.7 Geotermica 27 34 42 27.9 Mareomotriz 2 6 17 2.9 Total Global ER 2,503 2,952 3,437 42.8 Total Global de capacidad para la 7,186 7,867 8,613 65.5 generacion de electricidad Cuadro 3.
Venkat Motupalli is the Chief Information Officer of the New York City Department of Veterans' Services (DVS) and a lecturer in Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs, teaching in the Technology, Media, and Communications (TMaC) specialization.
has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire The Medical Affairs Company, LLC (TMAC), a provider of outsourced medical affairs services to the pharma/biopharma, and medical device industries.