TMAFMTapping Mode Atomic Force Microscopy
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Table 3: List of morphology characterization techniques performed and locations performed at Technique UNH Cyles SS Arkema Mitsubishi DSM/NeoResins Lund MTTEM x x x WBTEM x x SEM x x FFSEM x CMAFM x x TMAFM x MFFT x x DSC x x SSNMR x (13) CNMR x (composition) Surfactant x x titration MT TEM: microtomed TEM; WP TEM: whole particle TEM; FF SEM: freeze fracture SEM: CM AFM: contact AFM; TM; tapping mode; SS NMR; solid sate NMR
A DI multimode Nanoscope IIIa (Digital Instruments) tapping mode atomic force microscope (AFM) (TMAFM) was used to investigate the surface morphology of the composite coatings in air at room temperature.
The microstructural differences between the three composite systems are shown in amplitude images of composite surfaces obtained with tapping mode atomic force microscopy (TMAFM) (Fig.