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TMAPTemperature Manifold Absolute Pressure (sensor)
TMAPTest Management Approach (Sogeti Nederland B.V.)
TMAPTexas Medication Algorithm Project
TMAPTopology Mapping
TMAPTransport Mpls Access Point
TMAPTelecommunications Monitoring and Assessment Program (US Air Force)
TMAPThreat Management and Protection, Inc (Huntington Beach, CA)
TMAPTell Madaba Archaeological Project
TMAPTraffic Monitoring and Analysis Platform
TMAPTarang Mobile Application Platform
TMAPTeleoperated Mobile Antiarmor Platform
TMAPThreat Model and Analysis Program
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PEE STOP I hope it's fake news: Singapore-based Vince Socco is retiring on July 14 as executive vice president of TMAP (Toyota Motors Asia-Pacific) after working with Toyota 41 years beginning 1978.
It was observed that all measurements (tML, tMAP and tLAP) of tibia had larger size in male than those in female no matter in Mongolian Chinese or in Han Chinese (P<0.05) (Table II).
Additionally, TMAP and BMS have both announced plans to start employment of Para athletes from next January onwards as part of Toyota's global efforts to enhance the Para sports movement.
The TMAP said the existing provision in the Tax Code needs to have a repealing clause for it to take effect.
Software programs like TMAP (PGM and Proton), GSRM (454), and GMAP (PacBio) are the best in mapping the sequencing reads to a reference genome.
Raw reads were processed by the Torrent Suite analysis pipeline and mapped to human genome assembly hg19 by TMAP. Variant calls were made by two programs: VarScan [11] (with the trio calling option when the family trio was available) and Torrent Variant Caller.
For certain platforms, such as Ion Torrent and SOLiD, the reads are aligned using a customized alignment algorithm optimized for the platform chemistry and error profile (Tmap for Ion Torrent and LifeScope for SOLiD).
Mass air-flow (MAF) and temperature and manifold absolute pressure (TMAP) sensors help reduce emissions and are located in the engine compartment or, more precisely, in the air intake system.
The Texas Medication Algorithm Project (TMAP) guidelines (7) state LAIA can be considered for inadequate adherence at any stage, whereas the 2010 British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) guidelines (9) express uncertainty about their use in FEP, because of limited evidence.
He was speaking at the First International Textile Conference and Awards 2015, organized by Publicity Channel in collaboration with TDAP, Ministry of Textile, GOP, All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) and Towel Manufacturers Association Pakistan (TMAP).