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TMAUTenchi Muyo! Another Universe (Japanese cartoon)
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But together they researched the possible causes and in 2007 she came across an online forum for people with TMAU. "Although it was hard to swallow I felt relief as I'd finally found the answers I'd been looking for," she said.
TMAU sufferers can smell like faeces, urine and more commonly rotting fish because of a faulty enzyme causing a build-up of a volatile chemical, TMA.
Disrupted lives needn't be sterile; they can be symphonic, poetic and energetic; like the lives of the folks with TMAU I met in Bethesda.
Ond gan y tmau ``bach'' y mae'r asbri a'r brwdfrydedd, nhw sy'n edrych fel petaen nhw o ddifri' eisio bod ar y cae yn chwarae.
Prior to our visit, arrangements were made for Ashley to undergo testing for trimethylaminuria (TMAU), referred to as a "choline challenge." This test involves a measurement of the amounts of two substances found in the urine--trimethylamine and trimethylamine N-oxide--while an individual is eating a typical non-restricted diet.