TMAVTransposition of the Major Arterial Vessels
TMAVTherapeutic Management of Aggression and Violence (patient control and restraint techniques; health care)
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The fuzzy filters based on TMED, ATMED, TMAV, and ATMAV are numbered as F1, F2, F3, and F4, respectively.
Further, all the steps are repeated using TMED, ATMED, TMAV, and ATMAV filters.
The performances of geometric-wiener (GW), geometricfuzzy using TMAV (GF3), and geometric-wiener-fuzzy using TMED and ATMED (GWF1 and GWF2) are compared with 21 existing denoising techniques in Table 4 in addition to comparison with four fuzzy filters and wiener filter as already discussed in the above paragraphs.