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TMAXTime to Maximum Plasma Concentration
TMAXTime to Maximum Effect (drugs)
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The statistical comparison of Cmax and Tmax of warfarin alone and along with caffeine showed that caffeine has a non-significant effect on Cmax and Tmax of warfarin (Table 2).
In starch loading, chloroform fractions resulted in much reduction of both Cmax and AUC while all the fractions had similar values of Tmax (Table II).
where Tmax is the daily maximum temperature ([degrees]C); RH is the afternoon (3 p.m.) relative humidity (%) calculated from the mixing ratio, mean sea level pressure, and temperature; and V is the afternoon (3 p.m.) 10-m wind speed (km [h.sup.-1]) for each day of the first two weeks of February 2017.
Os coeficientes taxa de aparecimento de folhas maxima ([TAF.sub.max]), temperatura base ou minima da especie (Tb), temperatura otima da especie (Tot) e temperatura maxima da especie (Tmax) foram 0,3180 folhas dias-1, 8[degrees]C, 25[degrees]C e 35[degrees]C para Eucalyptus saligna, e 0,4107 folhas [dia.sup.-1], 10[degrees]C, 27[degrees]C e 36[degrees]C para Eucalyptus granais, respectivamente (MARTINS; STRECK, 2007).
It's also got a 17in front wheel and a 15in rear, similar to the TMax's matching pair of 15in ones, all of which boded well for its handling.
In sugarcane, ETr correlation was significant, moderate to strong and positive with Rn, Tair, Tmax, Tmin, Ts and [PAR.sub.I] Ts was the only variable correlated with ETr/ETo.
The data for this study comprises time series of monthly cases of malaria for the study area and some climatic variables including rainfall (Rain), maximum temperature (Tmax), and relative humidity (RH).
Pharmacokinetic parameters (AUC, Cmax, Tmax, t1/2, Cl, MRT and Kel) were calculated using scientific application package KineticaA(r) version 4.1.1 (Thermo Electron Corporation).
Se utilizo el programa de computacion PCNONLIN 4.0 (SCI Software, Lexington, KY, USA) para calcular los parametros farmacocineticos de la cefalexina a partir de la curva concentracion plasmatica vs tiempo de cada animal, mediante un analisis no compartimental y de acuerdo a las ecuaciones clasicas (8) , excepto la concentracion maxima (Cmax) y el tiempo maximo (Tmax), que se obtuvieron a partir de las concentraciones plasmaticas observadas.
Three weeks later on March 6, accompanied by his brother Abdelkader he stole the TMAX scootera model 530, the type everybody was talking about in the citAaAaAeA@ and whi he thought would be a cool ride.