TMBDTheater Ballistic Missile Defense (military ballistics scenario testing)
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Tenders are invited for Construction of Retaining Wall Breast Walls Construction of Cc Pavement Construction of Pcc Drain Construction of Parapets Etc And P/L Premix Carpet Surfacing With Seal Coat I/C Maintenance For Five Years After Construction Under in connection with Construction of Link Road From Tmbd Road To Village Dobar Km 0/0 To 5/375
Tender notice number : TMBD road PKG 105 PMGSY Una Circle
Tenders are invited for c/o link road from tmbd road to village dobar km 0/0 to 5/375 (sh c/o retaining wall breast walls c/o cc pavement c/o pcc drain c/o parapets etc and p/l premix carpet surfacing with seal coat i/c maintenance for five years after construction under