TMBGThey Might Be Giants (band)
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Good thing there's Spotify, Deezer, Guvera and Apple Music where TMBG have made their music available for everyone's consumption.
By decade's end, TMBG was topping college radio charts on Elektra, though management shifts soon left them operating independently again.
Recientemente unos 10,000 fans pagaron $7.99 cada uno por una serie de nueve canciones de "Working Undercover for the Man", por la banda de dos musicos de Ia TMBG. Michael McDonald ha lanzado el titulo Blue Obsession a $1.49 la bajada por cada cancion.
In a significant coup for the grassroots internet audio format, quirky band They Might Be Giants (TMBG) has signed MP3 pioneer GoodNoise Corp as its distributor.
Cantrell made her recording debut when she sang on the fourth album by They Might Be Giants, Apollo 18, in 1992 - she was a friend of TMBG co-founder John Flansburgh - but it took another eight years for her to put out her solo debut album, Not The Tremblin' Kind, on which she wrote four of the 12 tracks.
If you have never heard of TMBG, I am not sure that my radically underdetermined linguistic explanation of their simultaneously deeply sinister and oh-so-cuddly musical amalgam will even begin to describe them.