TMBITraditionally Minority Based Institution
TMBITell Me 'bout It
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The TMBI is a "drop in the ocean" of talk therapy that the patient will eventually receive, he said, but it is "all about the context." In usual care, although the suicide attempter in the ICU may see a therapist, the conversation is generally about risk management and discharge planning.
O'Connor randomized 30 suicide survivors in the ICU to usual care or usual care plus the TMBI. The results showed a high level of patient satisfaction with the intervention and statistically significant improvements in readiness to change and in reasons for living, compared with controls (Gen Hosp Psychiatry.
O'Connor and his associates at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn., treated 32 patients with the TMBI and usual care and 25 with usual care only, with the study primarily designed to assess feasibility and acceptability to patients.
Further small-scale studies of the TMBI are now underway at two U.S.