TMCDTurtle Mountain Conservation District (est. 1973; Deloraine, Manitoba, Canada)
TMCDTransport Maritime Courte Distance (French: Short Sea Shipping)
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David Morgan: Hands of Time (Turnipseed Music TMCD.12)
"Raising Polyester Performance with TMCD Glycol"--Stacey Marsh, Eastman
TMCD has offices and warehouses in 31 countries in Europe, Africa and Australia/Asia.
In this space, Panama leads the Short Sea Maritime Transport Project, to promote and integrate the Central American maritime trade through the establishment of TMCD services, managing to create savings and safety in the transport of cargo regionally.
In addition, a proposed work plan that includes actions in the areas of communications and positioning, Environment: Mesoamerican Strategy for Environmental Sustainability (EMSA), Mesoamerican Energy Agenda, and Short Sea Shipping (TMCD).