TMCHTrademark Clearinghouse (intellectual property)
TMCHTsukuba Medical Center Hospital (Japan)
TMCHTransmissible Murine Colonic Hyperplasia (microbiology)
TMCHTaipei Medical College Hospital (Taiwan)
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Following the 2017 reorganization, TMCH is the holding company for TCH.
After the several observations for known areas, it was empirically noticed that number of pixels of range or pixel level threshold (PLT based on pixel count in TP) as 450 to 31,500; 16,000 to 2,00,000; and 4,000 to 2,00,000 consist of abnormality for MIAS, DDSM, and TMCH database, respectively, which is verified from the expert.
If there is a relevant trademark in the TMCH, however, the name can only be allocated to the trademark owner, unless the name exactly matches that of a public body, place or service, which would then have priority.
The TMCH is a centralized database devised by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as part of a regime to protect brands and intellectual property rights.
While GIs are technically registerable through the TMCH (if already registered nationally or protected by statute or treaty at the time of TMCH registration), many brand owners argue that the TMCH framework places unfair burdens for monitoring and enforcement directly on them, rather than the domain registrars and registries who control the access to purchase and use these domains.
The TMCH was designed as a central repository on behalf of ICANN's new gTLD program and serves to provide rights holders across the globe the ability to protect their trademarks in all new gTLDs.
the BBC has applied for .bbc), ICANN has created the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) to help all rights holders prevent abuse of their trade mark rights.
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at 175[degrees]C) 22 hours at -10[degrees]C % 19 24 22 hours at 70[degrees]C % 6 6 22 hours at 100[degrees]C % 5 5 70 hours at 125[degrees]C % 12 11 70 hours at 150[degrees]C % 17 18 Table 4--data from comparison of polymers Nordel IP Polymer 4570 A N-650 carbon black 125 125 Paraffinic oil 60 60 Calcium oxide 5 5 Peroxide TMCH 40C 1 1 Peroxide 802-40KE 8 8 Coagent TAC 3.5 3.5 Sulfur 0.1 0.1 Nordel IP 4570 100 Polymer A 100 Polymer B Nordel MG 46100 Nordel MG 46140 Total phr 302.6 302.6 Density 1.145 1.139 MDR 180[degrees]C/20 min.
Rezultati Parameter/Parametar N = 77 Engraftment (days after MUD HSCT)/Engraftment (dani nakon TMCH) ANC > 500/mcl/ABN> 500/mcl +21 (16-26) Platelets > 20 x [10.sup.9]/1/Trombociti> 20 x [10.sup.9]/l +19 (11-31) Acute GvHD/Akutni GvHD 21 (27,27%) Grade 1-2/Gradus 1-2 13 (16,88%) Grade 3-4/Gradus 3-4 8 (10,39%) Chronic GvHD/Hronicni GvHD 24 (32,87%) Mild/Blag 6 (8,22%) Moderate/Srednji 18 (24,65%) Severe/Tezak [empty set] TRM/Mortalitet vezan za transplantaciju 9 (11,68%) Sepsis/Sepsa 7 (9,09%) Hemorrhage/Krvarenja 1 (1,29%) Veno occlusive disease/Venookluzivna bolest 1 (1,29%)