TMCJThe Man Called Jesus (play)
TMCJToyota MR2 Club Japan (car club; est. 1997)
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The Roadside Network Uses Backhaul Trunk Fiber Optic Cable To Complete Connections At Roadside Cabinets Along The 1-680 Corridor, At The Benicia Bridge Toll Plaza (primary Data Center), 375 Beale Street (secondary Data Center) And The Caltrans District 4 Traffic Management Center (d4 Tmcj.this Provides High Speed And Redundant Routing Of Eln Communications Traffic To And From The Roadside Network, The Host And Operations Data Centers, And The D4 Tmc For Toll Collection System Application Processing And Communications.
Y= [micron] + CMVi + TMCj + VCAk + TMONI + LUGCEm + [B.sub.1] (NU-PARijklm)+ [B.sub.2] (CCijklm) + [B.sub.3] (PLDijklm) + [sup.a]ijklmn
TMCj = Efecto del j-esimo tipo de mucus cervical (transparente y abundante, escaso o ausente)