TMDATagged Message Delivery Agent
TMDATime Demand Multiple Access
TMDATarget Management and Development Application
TMDATheory/Modeling and Data Analysis
TMDAToo Many Damn Acronyms
TMDATunisian Muscular Dystrophy Association
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Aos 140 dias, as mudas do tratamento TMDA apresentaram altura media superior as dos demais tratamentos (Figura 1A) como resultado da combinacao entre o maior volume de substrato (e de nutrientes) disponivel em cada tubete e o menor espaco entre as plantas que pode gerar competicao por luz e favorecer o crescimento vertical das mesmas.
De acuerdo a datos del peaje, la ruta presenta la mayor concentracion de transito en la RAC con un TMDA del orden de los 38.000 vehiculos por dia.
Temperature Yield Reaction system ([degrees] C) Catalyst Time (h) (%) CVS and TMDA 80 Pt/C 4 47 CVS and TMDA 80 Karstedt 3 56 CVS and TMDA 70 Karstedi 3 51 CVS and TMDA 60 Karstedt 6 93 CVS and TMDA 50 Pt/C 8 73 CVS and TMDA 50 Karstedt 6 92 CVS and TMDA 55 Karstedt 6 91 Carbosiioxarre II and AGE 50 Pt/C 8 78 Carbosiioxane II and AGE 50 Karstedt's 6 95 Morphology of the Cured Specimens
(21) Next, we selected trimethylhexamethylenediamine (TMDA) and IPDA that were reported to be capable of dissolving EB and be the curing agent of epoxy.
The Million Dollar Arm (TMDA) is a unique and the only international talents hunt in India for all sports enthusiasts saw young talent from all over the country giving it their best shot to make a name in international baseball.
TMDA software is open source and free at
Here, the TD-SCDMA approach is claimed to be able to meet the requirement through the use of a Time Division Multiple Access (TMDA) subsystem and an ada ptive Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) component operating in synchronous mode.
Due to the Cape's mountainous terrain, this TETRA system requires 19 base stations, with a total of 37 TMDA (Time Division Multiple Access) channels, with each TMDA channel consisting of four channels to handle the predicted traffic and up to 35 separate dispatcher points.
The Million Dollar Arm (TMDA), a unique and the only international talent hunt in India for all sports enthusiasts and young men, not only handsomely rewards' winners but also grooms, mentors and helps create a successful pro sport baseball career in the International circuit.
Contract notice: Operation of a local waste management unit (tmda) of drama.
Contract notice: Local waste management unit operation (tmda) drama.