TMDITheoretical Maximum Daily Intake
TMDITheater Missile Defense Initiative
TMDITheater Missile Defense Interoperability
TMDIT1 (T-Carrier 1) Multi-Purpose Digital Interface Card (Nortel Networks Corp.)
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Optimal tuning parameters of the TMDI are detected within a probabilistic framework, by considering the stochastic nature of earthquake ground motions and solving a nonlinear optimization problem.
In particular, as sketched in Figure 2 the TMDI consists of an enhanced version of TMD (of mass [m.sub.t], spring stiffness [k.sub.t], and viscous damping [c.sub.t]) in which an inerter device, schematically represented by its inertance, is placed in between the TMD mass and the ground (points 1 and 2).
Besides the optimal design of the TMDI, which is described below in terms of its dynamic characteristics (stiffness, damping, etc.), there are a few practical considerations related to the functionality of the inerter that deserve commentary.
Inspired by the idea of EH-TMDI [35, 36], this paper proposes a novel inerter-based dynamic vibration absorber, called electromagnetic resonant shunt tuned mass-damperinerter (ERS-TMDI), in which we replace the dissipated element of the TMDI with the electromagnetic transducer shunted with a resonant R-L-C circuit for simultaneous vibration control and energy harvesting.
To strengthen its theme, TMDI introduces a number of new and innovative commercial vehicles that helps facilitate the operations for businesses in Indonesia:
With 5 advantages such as Ultra Versatile, Ultra Style, Ultra Performance, Ultra Comfort and Ultra Safe, Biswadev Sengupta as the President Director of TMDI stated that, "Tata Ultra is an important business asset for our customers and will be the ultimate choice in a very competitive business world."
This latest commercial vehicle from TMDI is also supported with loading deck made of double corrugated galvanized steel with load capacity up to 1,000 kg with a size of (LxWxH) 1,430 x 1,410 x 400 mm and ground clearance of 210 mm.