TMEDTransfusion Medicine
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"China has been a most reliable friend of Bangladesh since our liberation," Secretary of TMED Munshi Shahabuddin Ahmed was quoted as saying.
[[SIGMA].sup.1.sub.12] tmed: e o somatorio das temperaturas medias do ar de janeiro a dezembro, em [grados]C.
En este caso, en la tabla que acompana la Figura 5 resulta evidente la diferencia entre las dos zonas en cuanto a Tma, al contrario de Tmed que se encuentra en un rango equilibrado.
The TMED [15] is a kind of sequential experimental design inspired by evolutionary algorithms.
HKMC has developed its own hybrid system called TMED(Transmission Mounted Electric Device)[1]; the TMED is equipped in the Sonata, and Optima Hybrids, which are selling steadily in the market.
Domingo, the officer in charge of the city's Transportation Management and Enforcement Division (TMED), died from gunshot wounds he sustained on his right cheek and body when the armed men fired at him just as he was about to enter his house at Bantayog Street in Barangay Concepcion Uno at around 6:45 a.m.
The new facility is the result of a deal between ADPC and TMED. Both companies signed a one-year contract with the option to extend for up to three years.
Topaz Marine Engineering Division (TMED) plans to open the facility on land that it has leased from ADPC as part of a one-year contract with the option to extend to three years.
Analysis of the Pearson Correlation Matrix verifies a high correlation between maximum (TMAX), medium (TMED) and minimum (TMIN) air temperature and foliar N, P, K, Mg, S, Fe and Mn contents (Table 8).
El analisis de (todos) los datos para cada textura (1205) tuvo un promedio (Tmed) muy semejante, pero conforme a la magnitud de los rangos entre Tmax (temperatura maxima) y Tmin (temperatura minima) se observo una variacion de 15.9[grados]C, 17.9[grados]C y 18.9[grados]C para limo, arena y arcilla, respectivamente; para el analisis por grupo de datos, mediante el rango estudentizado de Tukey se encontro que a 2 cm y 5 cm de profundidad en las tres texturas no hay diferencia estadistica, no siendo asi para las tres profundidades restantes, con excepcion de la arena de 20 cm a 30 cm y de 30 cm a 50 cm de profundidad (Tabla 1).