TMETTreadmill Exercise Test (healthcare)
TMETThe My Ego Times (website)
TMETTotal Market Effects Test (energy; New York)
TMETTransportable Medium Earth Terminal
TMETTelecommunications, Media, Entertainment & Technology (business sectors)
TMETTransplasma Membrane Electron Transport
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Tmet Rami Shamir when working for Barney Rosset at Evergreen Review, and so I welcome Rami's novel Train to Pokipse, which he kept talking about writing and now finally has.
In an extended voice-over (used to book-end the movie) H I relates the tale of how he, a multiply convicted armed robber, tmet and falls in love with Edwina, marries her, and gives up crime.
Through more frequent and wide-ranging contacts, TMET promotes a shared set of values and a common approach to conflict resolution.