TMGIThe Millennium Group International (Vienna, VA)
TMGITransportation Management Group, Inc. (Strongsville, OH)
TMGITriumph Management Group Inc. (software publisher)
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AI: TMGI is highly optimistic about magnesium auto parts--what are some of your estimates?
AI: How strong is TMGI in emerging markets--say in Asia?
AI: What are some of the challenges facing magnesium auto parts vis a vis other materials and how does TMGI hope to meet these challenges?
At the same time, TMGI has increased its capacity for the manufacturing of magnesium steering wheels in its die casting facility in Morelia, Mexico, by an additional four production lines.
Speaking at the start of production in Poland, Bjornstad said "the start of commercial production of magnesium steering wheel armatures for TRW Automotive in Poland is a big step for TMGI in order to establish its unique manufacturing methods even for the European market.