TMIGTokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology
TMIGTelemetered Inertial Guidance
TMIGThe Municipal Infrastructure Group (Canada)
TMIGTreatment Matching Interest Group
TMIGTechnical Marketing Interface Group
TMIGTriad Mortgage Investment Group
TMIGTeam Mindless Instagram
TMIGThe Matthews Insurance Group (Arlington, Texas)
TMIGTransition Management Interagency Group
TMIGToo Much Information Given
TMIGThe Magic Is Gone (band and website)
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u ul o or i ic r Huddersfield-based TMIG founder Andy Earnshaw said: "The group was formed to support marketers involved with all kinds of diverse technology-based products and services, for example IT, telecommunications and those in the textile industry.
The TMIG index is a scale for evaluating instrumental, intellectual and social activities in daily life, because people affected by leprosy often suffer restriction due to various disturbances, such as deformities of appearance or visual and/or tactile system disturbances.
Significant differences in the MMS, GDS-SF, PGC morale, and TMIG index findings were observed between the two groups.