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In post-Soeharto Indonesia, a Chinese organization, the Indonesian Chinese Clan Association (Paguyuban Sosial Marga Tionghoa Indonesia, PSMTI) is building a Chinese Indonesian Cultural Park (Taman Budaya Tionghoa Indonesia) at TMII to position ethnic Chinese as one of the many legitimized ethnic groups in Indonesia.
Of eight amino acids at the start of TMII that are highly conserved among MAL family proteins (Frank, 2000), six are conserved in sea squirt PL-1 (Fig.
This indirect effect represents a TMII of the predator on [C.sub.2] through changes in the foraging activity of [C.sub.fs].
from 132KV Chiniot Road grid station, College Road and Ali Pur feeders originating from 132KV Jaranwala grid station, Ravi and Old Satiana feeders emanating from 132KV Satiana grid station, TMII feeder originating from 20KV Jaranwala Road grid station and SOS village feeder emanating from 132KV Nishatabad grid station will observe shutdown from 9 am to 1 pm on Monday (December 8).
Gold particles bound to the immunocomplexes were visualized by a silver precipitation reaction, using a commercial kit (Intense SE TMII; Amersham).
obliquum, providing an intriguing example of a TMII in an ant-plant mutualism.
Southeast Asian Games gold medalist Dines Dumaan and Jefferson Rhey Loon whipped their separate quarterfinal foes on Friday to book their spots in the semifinals to assure themselves of bronze medals in the 18th Asian Games pencak silat tournament at the Pencak Silat TMII hall here.
A second form of indirect interaction, termed trait-mediated indirect interactions (TMII; Wootton 1993, Abrams 1995), are those transmitted by induced changes in the traits (behavior, morphology, and life history) of the intervening species.
The government plans to build 98.63 km of toll road in short term including the CikampekPurwakarta-Padalarang (Cipularang) toll road extending from Cikampek-Dangdeur, DangdeurPurwakarta Utara to Padalarang by Pass and the South E1 Section of JORR (TMII Junction-Ceger and Ceger-Hankam Raya).
Table - 1 Usage of Jasa Marga bond fund Description Portion (%) Toll road - Pondok Pinang - Ulu Jami 50 Toll road - TMII - junction - Cikunir 50 Total 100 Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult Table - 2 Phases of JORR development with Jasa Marga X bond fund Description Length (km) Phase I: Development of Pondok Pinang - Ulujami section 3.50 Development of TMII - Raya Hankam section 4.50 Phase II: Development of Ulujami - Kebun Jeruk section 7.67 Development of Raya Hankam - Cikunir section 7.89 Total 23.56 Source: Jasa Marga/Data Consult Table - 3 Toll road projects with Jasa Marga as shareholder Investor Toll road Length (km) Already in operation: Citra Marga Nusaphala Cawang - Tj.