TMIPToyota Motor Industries Poland
TMIPTheater Medical Information Program
TMIPTetramelic Mirror-Image Polydactyly
TMIPTraining Management Instruction Packet
TMIPTactical Multimedia Interface Prototype
TMIPTechnical Manual Improvement Program
TMIPTransparent Mobile Internet Protocol
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At the core of TMIP development is the need for overall improvement of both force health protection and real-time health surveillance.
The chart above shows the basic flow of information in the TMIP system.
The four TMIP computer systems are designed to communicate seamlessly with one another.
Data from the BMIS-T are downloaded to the next TMIP step, a laptop computer system often called the Medical Communications for Combat Casualty Care (MC4) computer.
TMIP captures all information about the healthcare given to Soldiers and eventually includes those data in their permanent records.
Established in October 2002, TMIP has been producing new 2.
TMIP currently employs 670 people, and will increase its workforce to 900 employees by 2006.
Between June 1, 2003, and May 30, 2004, TMIP sponsored nine peer review panels held at the following locations:
DRCOG conducted two peer review panels through TMIP.
Therefore, the TMIP panel recommended implementing other types of multimodal analysis for areas that do not have travel models, and NCDOT is now in the process of developing a multimodal toolbox that will handle these issues without having to rely solely on travel demand models.
We remain confident that NCDOT's current efforts, along with the implementation of the other recommendations from the TMIP peer panel, will continue to improve travel demand modeling within North Carolina and help the department better meet the comprehensive transportation planning needs of its citizens," says Fussell.
The major purpose of the 2003 TMIP peer review was to assess the ability of the models to address the planning issues of importance to the region, the reliability of the forecasts produced by the models, the consistency of the model set with the current state-of-the-practice, and further necessary enhancements.