TMISToyota Motor Insurance Services (various locations)
TMISTokio Marine Insurance Singapore Ltd.
TMISTourism Management Institute of Singapore
TMISTraining Management Information System (US. Army Corps of Engineers)
TMISTechnical & Management Information System
TMISTechnical Management Information System
TMISTreasure Mountain International School (Park City, UT)
TMISTechnical Management and Information System
TMISTheater Medical Information System
TMISTheatrical Management Information System
TMISTechnician's Maintenance Information System
TMISTime Management Information System
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8] first presented a two-factor authentication technique for a TMIS environment.
18] presented a biometric-based authentication scheme using a symmetric key cryptosystem for TMIS to further improve security.
Patients may be saved the large amount of time by utilizing the TMIS and easily accessing the doctors.
Hence, the proposed method is mostly suitable for different applications in TMIS environments.
TMIS is fully interoperable with PACS-Vendor Neutral Archive, EHR, RIS, and LIS via standards-compliant protocols and formats (like DICOM and HL7).
Kanteron Systems has built-in external devices integration into TMIS: all digital radiology modalities, all digital pathology scanners and most genome sequencers are already compatible with TMIS out of the box.
intramuscular; MS, mass spectrometer; GC, gas chromatograph; El, electron impact; PCI, positive chemical ionization; MSTFA, N-methyl-N-trimethylsilyltritluoroacetan ide; TMIS, trimethyliodosilane; DTE, dithiothreitol; PCC, pyridinium chlorochromate complex; and TMS, trimethylsilyl.
The information available through the TMIS equipment covers more than 30 categories of station and line data.
Meanwhile, TMIS can provide various resources to the patient like health educators, physicians, care-givers, public health organizations and home-care service.
Furthemore, TMIS has attractive margins which would help to raise AmTrust's bottom-line.
TMIS provides Vehicle Service Agreements (VSAs) that protects customers in the event of unexpected but necessary service/repair for mechanical failures after the factory warranty has expired.
We are looking forward to working with Gillette on this strategic initiative, and we feel confident we can positively impact Gillette's promotion profitability through the implementation of the TMIS.