TMJATikotin Museum of Japanese Art (Israel)
TMJATrafic Moyen Journalier Annuel (French: Annual Average Daily Traffic)
TMJATMJ Association, Ltd. (TMJ refers to temporomandibular joint disease)
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Nota: Media das temperaturas maximas anuais (TMMA), media das temperaturas minimas anuais (TMMI), temperatura minima absoluta (TMIABS), temperatura maxima absoluta (TMAABS), media das temperaturas medias anuais (TMME), temperatura media anual de janeiro (TMJA), temperatura media anual de julho (TMJU), umidade relativa (UR%).
Observa-se que para as temperaturas (TMMI, TMMA, TMME, TMJA e TMJU) os subgrupos A1, A2 e B1, B2 seguiram a mesma tendencia de separacao dos grupos A e B, ou seja, no grupo A as temperaturas sao menores que no B.
a) Temperaturas menores considerando todas as variaveis observadas (TMAABS, TMIABS, TMMA, TMMI, TMME, TMJU e TMJA) (Ver tabela 1):
CASE REPORT: A 19-Kg 9-year-old boy presented with restricted mouth opening since birth, diagnosed as TMJA and was on soft diet only.
DISCUSSION: Securing an airway in a child with TMJA is thought-provoking and challenging for anesthesiologist.
[10] Considering all this our technique is failsafe where we were able to pass a small sized, completely deflated LMA through limited mouth opening, using it as a conduit pediatric gum elastic bougie, and over that uncuffed ETT 4.5 was Passed in case of TMJA. The another biggest challenge after intubating through LMA is how to remove the LMA without dislodging the ETT from trachea.
The patient had an operation of TMJa before she reported to us but mouth opening was limited.
Women's health is represented by members from both TMJA and the National Vulvodynia Association.
This time she was referred for CT evaluation for extent and severity of temporomandibular joint ankylosis (TMJA).
CONCLUSION: This case report helps to elucidate the CT morphology of bifid condyles in cases of BMC associated with TMJA. Further studies with imaging performed at earlier stages of development of the BMC and comparing the relative evolution of the double heads and ankylosis would shed more light on the role of bifidity of the condyle in progressing into TMJ ankylosis.