TMLAThe Mary Louis Academy (est. 1936; Jamaica, NY)
TMLATrademark License Agreement (intellectual property)
TMLATravel Mart Latin America (tourism fair)
TMLAThe Music Library Association
TMLATeaching Modern Languages to Adults (academic degree)
TMLATen Mile Lake Association (Hackensack, MN)
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The block diagram of DEA used to optimize the TMLA synthesizing problems is explained in Fig.
Now to realize the real optimization of the TMLA pattern over MOEA/D-DE, in the second case of this example, we consider all the constraints which can affect radiation pattern are same as considered in [15], i.
However, paper [25] only considers the direction-finding applications using TMLA at the receiver based on MUSIC algorithm, unlike this paper which proposes a comprehensive scheme for communication and direction-finding using TMLA at the transmitter.