TMMSThurgood Marshall Middle School (various locations)
TMMSTeachers' Memorial Middle School (Norwich, CT)
TMMSTrend Micro Mobile Security
TMMSTrait Meta-Mood Scale (emotional intelligence)
TMMSTelephone Message Management System
TMMSThe Megan Mullally Show
TMMSTrading and Market Making Surveillance
TMMSTechnical Manual Management System
TMMSToo Much Money Syndrome
TMMSTecnologie e Metodologie Multimediali per la Scuola (Italian)
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Although we have found evidence of the validity of the TMMS as a measure of PEI in an adolescent population, future researchers can contribute new data, primarily on the instrument's convergent and predictive validity.
This value was calculated by multiplying the five parameters with a set of weighting factors, the same factors that are used for the selection the typical meteorological months (TMMs).
Este instrumento engloba todos los items utilizados para evaluar la inteligencia emocional, procedentes de las dos herramientas tradicionales en su version en castellano (TMMS y SWLS) aplicadas en el trabajo de Salvador (2008).
La TMMS aplicada en el presente estudio contiene tres factores claves en la IE: Atencion a los sentimientos, Claridad emocional y Reparacion de las emociones.
This version is also called Trait Meta-Mood Scale (abbreviated TMMS with a subindex linked to the number of items contained in it) and constitutes an instrument to measure self-information on EI, elaborated on the base of 48 items arranged in three subscales that assess three fundamental dimensions of intrapersonal intelligence: emotions, 24 items; clarity concerning emotions, 12 items; and emotional reparation, 12 items.
En estas investigaciones se utilizaron los siguientes instrumentos: Beck Depresion Inventory (BDI) (Beck, Rush, Shaw y Emery, 1979), Spielberg, Gorsuch, Lushere (1994), Trait Anxiety Questionnarie (STAI), Trait Meta-Mood Scale (TMMS) con tres subescalas de atencion, claridad y reparacion.
Los estudios realizados en Estados Unidos han mostrado que los alumnos universitarios con mas IE (evaluada con el TMMS) informan menor numero de sintomas fisicos, menos ansiedad social y depresion, mejor autoestima, mayor satisfaccion interpersonal, mayor utilizacion de estrategias de afrontamiento activo para solucionar sus problemas y menos rumiacion.
When it comes to the team mental model (TMM) construct, an important issue to address is just what is being modeled and shared by team members.
The TMMS subscales have been reported to have adequate psychometric proper ties (At tention, [alpha] =.90; Clarity, [alpha]=.90; Repair, [alpha]=.86; Fernandez-Berrocal et al., 2004).
It is performed by means of two thermal mathematical models (TMMs) that represent the hot and the cold cases.
In this paper, we focus on artificial structures to design TMMs that is attached on PCB with mobile phones to reduce SAR in human head.