TMNCTetra Mobile Network Code
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(144) This "portable" Medicaid covers both emergency and regular medical services, (145) and it includes "most primary and preventative services, as well as dental, pharmacy and behavioral health services." (146) The program began in 2008 and "has successfully paid almost 500 claims to different providers in Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, and Washington." (147) Texas's TMNC Medicaid program, which targets migrant farmworkers, does not expand or extend Texas Medicaid; it just makes it more functional for Texas migrant farmworkers who are temporarily out of the state.
TMNC also groups migrant and seasonal farmworkers together in its population estimates and policy analysis.
Nc=N {1-exp [a (TmNc - T)]}, donde Nc es el numero de presas consumidas, a es la tasa de ataque constante (tasa de busqueda instantanea), N es la densidad de la presa, T es el tiempo disponible y Tm es el tiempo de manipulacion.