TMOATrade Mark Owners Association (est. 1905)
TMOAThe Monastery of Ages (role playing game)
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Expansion in all building areas including underground parking with an antenna network for bos requirements and system technology tmoa for digital radio coverage (tetra) according to the specifications of the fire department frankfurt am main.
On the other hand, under the same agreement, the City of Manila is entitled to 20 percent of the net proceeds while 80 percent shall inure to both Tokagawa and Matsuyama as the contractors, with the TMOA's effectivity lasting for 25 years.
Henceforth, it is clear that respondent Lim was manifestly partial to the respondent contractors in awarding the project for parking meter system to them and that the TMOA which respondent Lim entered into was grossly disadvantageous to the government, it added.
Acetic acid (0.75 mL) and TMOA (1.5 mL) were then added to the residue and the mixture was sonicated at ultrasonic frequency 40 KHz for 5 min.
Glufosinate ammonium, MPP, and MPA were derivatized by treatment with TMOA in the presence of acetic acid; derivatization reactions are shown in Figure 1.
TMOA was added according to Tseng's [11] conditions without further optimization.
Glufosinate ammonium, MPP, and MPA in soil were extracted with ammonium hydroxide solution 5% (v/v) and derivatized with TMOA under the optimized conditions before being analyzed by GC-FPD.