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We compare the maximum errors with TMOL [10] when they are considered with space size h = 0.05 and errors are recorded with several values of time step k, given in Table 2 and also shown in Figure 1.
The maximum errors of the numerical method are calculated at different time levels with different time step size and it is observed that they are more accurate as compared to TMOL [10] and Chebyshev spectral collocation method (CSCM) based on Chebyshev polynomials [11].
Think of Agnon's Tmol Shilshom [Just Yesterday], its scathing satire and its desperate conclusion.
Agnon's Tmol Shilshom, who also represent the failure of the Zionist dream to seamlessly integrate them into the utopian Jewish state of the Zionist imagination.
Agnon's seminal novel of Zionist migration and the failure of the idealistic visions of a Jewish homeland, Tmol Shilsom, Yitzhak Rummer "lives the same kind of essentially rootless existence that, according to Zionism, characterized Jewish experience in the Diaspora." (38) Ruhama Elbag suggests that in Agnon's texts, the spatial design reflects his ambivalent attitude towards Buczacz, the town that he had left at a very early stage of his life, and the process of separating from it in order to relocate in a strange and new place--the Land of Israel.