TMOTTrue Motion
TMOTTiny Masters of Today (band)
TMOTTrust Me On This
TMOTTest Management Oversight Team
TMOTThe Magic of Television (band)
TMOTThe Masters of Trance (show)
TMOTTown Meeting on Tomorrow (National Council On Youth Leadership)
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Five separate fields were taken from each sample for total motility (TMOT, %) and progressive motility (PMOT, %); average path (VAP, mm/s), curvilinear (VCL, [micro]mm/s), straight line (VSL, |im/s) velocities; linearity (LIN, %), straightness (STR, %), wobbler coefficient (WOB, %), amplitude of lateral head displacement (ALH, |m) and beat/ cross-frequency (BCF, Hz).
TMOT and PMOT were significantly higher in both sperm selection techniques compared to control samples.
PG increased sperm motility (TMOT and PMOT), velocities, LIN, STR and WOB in all cats compared to simple washing.