TMPCTomahawk Mission Planning Center (US DoD)
TMPCTheater Mission Planning Center
TMPCTime-Multiplexed Pilot Channel
TMPCTetraMethyl Bisphenol-A PolyCarbonate
TMPCThe Malta Press Club
TMPCTheater Media Production Center (US Army Psychological Operations Broadcast System)
TMPCThompson Memorial Presbyterian Church (New Hope, PA)
TMPCTraditional Medical Practitioners Council (Zimbabwe)
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He said this year alone, the TMPC had received more than 800 new applications, saying, 'This, obviously, has positive economic implications on the nation's development.'
During the launch of the Hiace Super Grandia yesterday, TMPC president Satoru Suzuki said the goal is to achieve monthly sales of 400 units for the new van starting next month.
TMPC, as of November, sold some 166,601 units and expects to close the year with sales of 180,000 units.
Yang et al., "The PnrA (Tp0319; TmpC) lipoprotein represents a new family of bacterial purine nucleoside receptor encoded within an ATP-binding cassette (ABC)-like operon in Treponema pallidum," Journal of Biological Chemistry, vol.
While in the past TMPC was mostly found in the surgical specimens of thyroidectomies due to a benign disease and in the autopsy series, today the detection rate of TMPC has considerably increased due to the widespread use of high-resolution ultrasonography (USG) and fine-needle aspiration biopsy for nodules smaller than three millimeters [4, 5].
In 1991, ITP took over PT Tridaya Manunggal Perkasa Cement (TMPC) which had a capacity of 1.2 million tons of cement a year.
Project GreenVax, which will be housed on the Texas A&M Health Science Center campus, beat out grant applications from communities that had far more recent base closures." - TMPC Gives Base Closure Grant to A&M Vaccine Plant
(TMPC), set up in 1975 as a JV of ENI and Algeria's state-owned company Sonatrach.
(1) Este articulo es resultado de un trabajo auspiciado por la undecima convocatoria de proyectos de investigacion dela TMPC y por la de apoyo complementario del Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnologia, 2007.
In both of the above cases, the observed miscibility was interpreted because of the additional free volume created by the presence of four methyl groups on the side chains of TMBPS-PAr and TMPC. These studies clearly suggest that in the absence of strong specific interactions between the chains of blend, it is expected that free volume of the homopolymers play an important role in generating the miscibility.
The systems to be supported include but are not limited to: TAMPS, Tomahawk, MDS, APS, TMPC, JSIPS-N, DPL, IPL, etc.
(TMPC) dominated the pickup segment in the first half through the Hilux as sales reached over 10,500 units.