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"In cases where a certain customer might be TMPH-limited, they can see the actual temperature of the tire and make decisions on its use without risk of exceeding TMPH ratings, and we've seen cases where that has increased productivity at certain sites by up to 18%.
"Haul truck tires come with a TMPH rating, and exceeding that rating will cause damage to the tire," said Francis.
TMPH reviewed medical records and interviewed patients in the provincial hospital; seven additional cases were identified.
TMPH interviewed 11 case-patients and the family members of the two who died.
Consequently, it becomes very useful to do "real-life" Operating TKPH (TMPH) analysis for tires running in very comparable conditions and relate the results to the tire construction and materials.
Comparing the value of TKPH or TMPH (ton kilometer per hour / ton mile per hour) tire ratings--a ratio of speed, distance and time used by manufacturers to provide a theoretical rating for the capacity of a given tire--with the value of real-time tire status data, Brothen said the key to preventing a significant portion of tire damage is to know the exact current status of contained inflation pressure and temperature inside a tire.
Komatsu's Payload Meter III (PLM III) similarly measures and records key production parameters including payload; empty carry-back; operator identification; haul cycle, loading, dumping time and date; distance traveled (loaded and empty); cycle time information; maximum speeds (loaded and empty); TMPH estimate for front and rear tires; and average speed (loaded and empty).
The 770G and 772G now come standard with VIMS 3G, Caterpillar's Vital Information Management System, Truck Production Management System (TPMS), TMPH (Ton Mile Per Hour)/TKPH (Ton Kilometer per Hour) tire management system, and Product Link (standard or cellular).
Radials have TMPH (load X speed) ratings from 507-850 and load capacities between 132,500 and 148,000 lb (at 100 [lb/in.sup.2] inflation).
Although this exceeds the rated st/mi/hr (TMPH) of the tire manufacturers, this problem can be overcome by altering haul routes to allow the tires to cool off.