TMRSTexas Municipal Retirement System
TMRSThailand Marketing Research Society
TMRSTelephone Maintenance Radio System (phone company)
TMRSTactical Missile Record System
TMRSTrue Mind Raw Sight (clothing brand)
TMRSTraffic Measurement & Recording System
TMRSTest Management Reporting System
TMRSTrunk Mobile Radio System
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Three treatments were; 1-ME100%, 2-ME 112% and 3-ME 125% TMR diets containing dietary ME 100%, 112% and 125% of NRC 2001 recommendations for growing heifers, respectively.
Member for Barron River Craig Crawford said the Transport and Main Roads (TMR) project was a major step toward providing the hundreds of thousands of residents and visitors who used the road with a safe and efficient route between Cairns and the Northern Tablelands.
Conversely, as shown recently, digestibility can be improved by ensiling total mixed ration (TMR) in an in vivo digestibility assessment [27,28], which was possibly associated with enhanced fiber digestion in the rumen.
The TMRs were iso-caloric (GE= 4333.0+-39.13 Kcal/kg DM basis) and iso-nitrogenous (CP= 13.70+-0.44% DM basis; AOAC, 1990).
This request, or transportation movement release (TMR), is the guiding requirement logisticians use to build logistics convoy packages.
Since 2005, TMRs have collected data to construct a FCI for minor league baseball, which includes a generous basket of goods and can be used to estimate minor league baseball team revenues.
In most TMRS municipalities, employees are vested after five years of service (although a few governments have elected to maintain 10-year vesting).
O aspecto morfologico da liga Cu-13,5Al-4Ni apos os ciclos termicos aplicados revela o desenvolvimento de linhas de deslizamento adicionais, alem do aparecimento de agulhas martensiticas, que acompanham as TMRs, tendo como locais de nucleacao as regioes perifericas da amostra.
Just over a month after it was postponed for a second time, a field of 32 cars took part in the Town Fair Tire 75 won by Andy Seuss, who won't soon forget his first TMRS victory of the season.
Evaluating particle size in Texas TMRs. Professional Animal Scientist, v.14, p.20-29, 1998.
In a departure from past TMRs, this year's meeting focused on new communication methods and how they affect publishers, as well as presenting their practical aspects.