TMRTMean Radiant Temperature
TMRTTotal Mean Retention Time
TMRTTaipei Mass Rapid Transit
TMRTThe Museum of Retro Technology
TMRTTerry Moss Racing Trust
TMRTTactical Medical Response Team
TMRTtranscendental magnitude in real-time
TMRTTable Mountain Race Team (Saskatchewan, Canada)
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The data on TMRT, even while it does not allow for the most reliable portrait of its magnitude, proves its relevance in the framework of worker illness.
In Brazil, TMRT are among the main causes of lost work days, in recent years representing the third largest cause of concession of disability benefits for work incapacity.
We emphasized publications (articles) in journals in specific areas: Public/Collective Health (n = 5), Occupational Health (n = 2), Psychology (n = 1), Epidemiology (n = 2); two dissertations and two theses that analyzed the profile of mental health disorders related to TMRT, the VISAT actions and aspects related to subsidies for action/intervention in surveillance of worker/mental health.
Brito (14) investigated reported TMRT cases in Brazil since the beginning of the SINAN registry in 2006 until the year 2012.
It must be taken into consideration that these data are dependent on the notification and establishment of the causal nexus, which certainly does not correspond to the magnitude of the reach of the country's cases--the predominance of formally employed clerical workers in the TMRT records of SINAN is an example of this.
The issue of under-reporting of the TMRT is only one of the difficulties encountered, which also extend to the offering of health services with a focus on mental illness.
The TMRT 1Ex has been certified according to the latest ATEX standards for use in potentially explosive hazardous areas.
For TMRT of birds acclimated to the three diets, both marker type and diet had significant effects (respectively, P = 0.028 and P [is less than] 0.001 by repeated measures ANOVA).
Comparison of total mean retention time (TMRT) and transit time (TT) in Yellow-rumped Warblers fed different diets for 33 [+ or -] 6 d.
Diet Aqueous acclimation marker Lipid marker P(*) TMRT (min) Fruit 42 [+ or -] 7(a) 50 [+ or -] 11(a) 0.248 Insect 72 [+ or -] 10(a) 53 [+ or -] 5(a) 0.096 Seed 123 [+ or -] 10(b) 106 [+ or -] 8(b) <0.01 P([dagger]) <0.001 <0.001 TT (min) Fruit 11 [+ or -] 2(a) 11 [+ or -] 7(a) 0.624 Insect 11 [+ or -] 2(a) 10 [+ or -] 1(a) 0.363 Seed 67 [+ or -] 9(b) 67 [+ or -] 9(b) 0.989 P([dagger]) <0.001 <0.001
Thus, birds acclimated to the seed diet, but switched to the fruit diet, decreased TMRT from 123 [+ or -] 11 min to 58 [+ or -] 5 min (n = 6; P [is less than] 0.01 by one-tailed t test), which was still significantly longer (P [is less than] 0.001) than the 40 [+ or -] 8 min TMRT of birds acclimated to fruit diet (Table 2; all comparisons using the same marker, PEG).
Their TMRT measured with GTE was 47 [+ or -] 5 min (n = 6), nearly identical to the TMRT of 50 [+ or -] 10 min measured with GTE in birds acclimated to fruit (Table 2; P = 0.428).